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Game #683, Generated on April 12, 2008

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Hiya Linda.. I have never heard of that.. but thanks for the info. I will ask about it smile

Hi ya'll from Savannah, Ga. I have used the detox patches you put on the bottom of your feet and it helps me with joint pain and standing all day. I have used them now for over 5 years and as a hairstylist I am sure if I didn't use them I could'nt stand all day. Also my hands stay flexible.

Took me two tries.

No, I haven't tried that yet.. but I imagine one day lol I do like light massage. I have tried just about everything. My physiotherapist came today and was horrified at how many hours of treatment I was given etc etc. She made me call and cancel the monday appt immediately. I have to have a few weeks rest..then we decide if I go back to her, or to the physio's own osteopath. The physiotherapist gave me a light massage before she left..and that saved my life. I would not have been back in here today without it.. smilesmile
D...I believe it must stink at tax time!!!

Ohh what a lovely surprise that must have been must be still basking in the glow smile Hope you play extra great too!!!

dianne, midnight! you really are sneaking aren't you (LOL!!) It's that solitaire addiction that you just can't help smile I'm glad you and your family had a great time. It sounds like you have a very loving and caring family!!!

Would you believe it's midnight here lol everyone's in bed and I'm having quiet solitaire time, D. Today we went to the Royal Meridian for Champagne Brunch with my husband, daughter, mum and her husband for a belated birthday celebration. Unbeknown to me 35 of our friends were already there! I was so shocked and surprised I just burst into tears. What a wonderful but sneaky family I have. I feel so loved today. smile

hey dianne, did you decide to sneak on when no one was looking (LLOL!!!) Glad you got to come on today. smile

donnamusica, have you ever tried Zen Shiatsu? It helped me a lot. It's very gentle and non-invasive.

Fizzbut, thanks for the clue, now I've just gotta work with it and find that last move so I can at lease tie you guys with number of moves smile

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I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

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The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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[quote]Happy Christmas, we updated game script for using on mobile devices, and also we have updating card cover! [/quote] ...

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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