Invalid links

by signsalot » 2007-11-07 13:27:04 #4920

Adam, I've been going back to play old games. Often they won't relink to play them again. The links from the stats page says invalid too. Am I doing something wrong?

by T-Mann » 2016-01-08 00:49:24 #9727

I can't login into the newer version directly. I could up until recently. I now have to log into the old format which redirects me. Any help would be appreciated.

by T-Mann » 2016-01-09 18:48:24 #9728

Thank you for the fix.

by claudine » 2016-04-20 01:10:46 #9733

Well,how do I log in?Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

by turbolover » 2016-04-20 19:50:32 #9734

CLAUDINE, can you describe what are problem you have ?

by SusieP » 2016-04-26 19:53:40 #9735

Ads (usually for Majong Craving) partially blocking the screen started appearing several weeks ago on the old Solitaire Craving game. I contacted you. Drew wrote back that there was an X at the top of the ad that would get rid of the ad. I responded that of course I had been hitting the X, but that every time the screen changes (starting a new game, finishing a game, hitting play again, refreshing, looking at statistics, etc) the irritating ad appears requiring me to hit the X again. This wasn't happening at any other site. Today, it is happening at the new Solitaire Craving and I can't play the game at all because I can't get rid of the ad - hitting the X just opens the ad.

by Di » 2016-05-03 15:14:21 #9736

How many players need to press 'Impossible', before the game is changed? Lately, we've had to wait several hours, before a new game arrives. Heeeeeellllllpppppp!!!!!!

by rezha » 2016-05-09 21:27:22 #9737

Hi, now 10 players need to press "Impossible" button in order to restart the game

by musicmom » 2016-05-10 17:27:24 #9738

I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack will be there. I have tried restarting my computer and that has not helped.
I miss my morning game!