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Game #682, Generated on April 11, 2008

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The Q and 9s clues just got me down a lot Davidi mom...thanks smilesmilesmilesilence

Thanks D, Davidimom and strawb smile Got me down two points..not much but I was soooo stuck! Thanks for asking Davidimom.. I actually answered before you ask..but that last comment of mine; well only half of it registered. That happens to me all the idea why. Anyway.. she tortured me for 3 hours..and I am a wreck which is why I was not back on playing much and am still awake at 5;30 am. lol There might be a bit more range of motion...but the pain is so excruciating ...she expects too much of muscles that have been weak and inflamed for so very long. Anyway, I see her again Monday and we will decide if we continue it..if it is helping. Then one way or the other I get a rest as she is going to work in the North for a week or two lol!!! I think maybe some of it is the right seems to help my left side and swellings.. but my right side is a lost cause I think.. and it just has made everything worse there.. so its hard to type and use the computer now, which scares me. Anyway, more info than you wanted to know lol!! I wonder if the whole comment will enter this time lol

Try putting 4 on 5...I don't think anyone said that yet, though I haven't read every comment.

Donna, how was the osteopath visit go? Feel any improvement?

Dianne..My mum always thought I was crazy to like the computer too.. didn' t understand it at all. Maybe its a mum thing. I think we are always 8 years old to them too lol
Davidi, sorry about the snow.. sad We have actually had temps up to 63F this week..and crocus are in bloom even though not all the snow is melted yet.
I can't get anywhere even with hints. I am suffering brain drain. She tortured me for 3 hours.. I dared her to hang me by my heels from the ceiling fan..that she couldn't hurt me any worse.. and I think she almost took the dare lol Poor woman..think I discourage her much?? lol

it's not your fault davidi, I just really don't have the time to keep trying now. I do accounting so needless to say I am swamped right now. I sneak on when I can smile Thanks

Sorry it didn't help D.

davidi, that's what i have alrady done. I posted that earlier. I will try again, wish me luck smile

Thanks luigi, D and Davidi, I'll give that a try.
donnamusica, no my mum thinks computers are stupid, so I could never tell her I'm sneaking away to play solitaire! Plus she forgets I've just turned 50, the other night she said 'shouldn't you be going to bed, you've got work in the morning' And yes I did get some relief from osteo, but only when I found one who massages before manipulating. smile

D, don't move 4, play them as they come up to K, play K first(it should be up,) Then Q on K move K into the next space,J on Q, 10, Q on K, then its home. Hope you can make sense of that!!! Good luck, check back later.

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