Solitaire Strategy Guide

solitaire-strategy-guidePlaying solitaire can prove to be very rewarding. You get to spend the time in a pleasant way, you can keep your mind sharp and at the same time it’s also very entertaining, while it never gets boring. Learning how to play the game is very simple and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to learn the rules. However in case you want to be a winner every time, then you should learn the tips and tricks that could help you get that one of a kind experience where you start mastering the game.

In this article we are planning to offer you some simple solitaire strategy tips that should help you improve your game immediately.

When the game begins, you usually have a good number of moves available. These should be made right away and before you start dealing the cards that are available in the deck. It’s common sense that you do this and it’s one of the solitaire strategies that should allow you to improve the number of times you are winning significantly.

One of the golden rules while playing solitaire in order to be successful is to always make sure that you are not starting to draw new cards from the stockpile until you are sure 100% that you no longer have any other moves available on the table. You should always add high priority to the cards that are located on the inferior part of the screen. Every time you end up with no more moves there, you should click on the deck of cards and this should give you another chance to keep on playing.

Another thing that is very important to take into consideration while playing solitaire on our website is that you shouldn’t start to place the cards in the foundation piles, unless you are 100% sure that you will no longer need them in order to anchor the smaller cards. You will definitely don’t want to have your cards stuck, as you are not allowed to take the cards down once you’ve placed them in the stockpile.

While playing solitaire, in case you meet the situation where a card coming from the stockpile can’t be played in the tableau, but you can put it in the foundation stockpile, then you should definitely go for it and move it there automatically with a double click.

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