The History of Solitaire card games

HistoricalSolitaireBehind every card game’s history there is always a big enigma as there are very few historical records that could support the appearance of the game. Solitaire makes no exception from this rule and you can find a very small number of information regarding the moment when it all started. During the research of historians, they have managed to find out the fact that there is absolutely no written documentation for the solitaire game until the end of the 16th century. This way it’s believed that is moment when it all started and it became pretty fast one of the popular games from all over the world. Other historians are saying regarding this card game that the first recording of the game dates back to 1783, when it was posted in a German gaming book.

The current deck of playing cards was introduced in Italy during the 12th century and at the same time they spread all over Europe, especially during the northern countries. Some experts are stating that the very first solitaire games with tarot cards, but at the same time people have always been known for playing solitary games with dice, stones, cards or pegs.

The goal of this game is very simple and what you have to do is to arrange a deck of cards that are mixed into a specific ordered pattern.

Solitaire is right now a very popular game and back in the past it used to be known as Patience. At first the game had more than one player and while the rules of the game were very similar, to what we are playing now, and these two players had to compete to complete the arrangement of the cards as fast as possible, while respecting the rules of the game. Soon after that the Patience game turned into as solitary game where you could play it alone.

In the 19th century we could already see a book published with the rules of the game. This book was very popular as it is still being reprinted and it contains the information about 25 different variations of the solitaire and Patience games.

The solitaire game also keeps on appearing in different popular classic books like the Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Great Expectations from Charles Dickens. At the same time you can also see this game to be featured in a very large number of movies. One of the things that also added a little more popularity to the game was the fact that it was a standard feature of windows for a long time.

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