Learn how to play Solitaire Klondike correctly

klondikeSolitaire is most definitely one of the most popular card games in the world. One of the reasons why this game managed to become so popular is because learning how to play it is simple, the game is very easy to play and thanks to all this it can become very addictive fast.

This is not a brand new game, in fact the history shows us that has been around for at least 100 years and it was invented in the Alaskan or the Californian mountains, where it was an excellent way to keep your mind busy and it was used as a favorite pass time for many years.

Now there is a computer in almost every house hold and in order to play solitaire you don’t even need a deck of cards, as you can always play the game on your computer. If we take a look at the solitaire games that used to be in the past a single player game where there was only you with a deck of playing cards, things have changed now and you have the option to play it while you find yourself in front of your computer.

Learning how to play solitaire is easy. The game is always a nice way to spend your time and it’s not a game where you will get frustrated if you don’t win, as it’s simple to do that. This is probably the reason why there are many people that are considering solitaire to be both fun and invigorating as it can keep your mind busy and have fun at the same time.

When you start playing solitaire you will see that there are 7 rows of cards, some of these will be facing down, while others will face up. There is also a stack of cards in the top right corner where there are 24 new cards waiting for you and these can be drawn and help you arrange the cards to build the 4 foundation stacks. The goal of solitaire is to arrange the cards in the foundation piles starting from Ace to King. Once you manage to place all the cards there, you are declared a winner and you have the option start from the beginning and play once again.

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