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Game #745, Generated on June 2, 2008

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Well Dilip, my head must be clearing cause I used your clues again and I guess I did it right this time..thanks a million smile

Well here I am back.. you can see we are all addicts.. welcome NackAttack lol!! I notice we are orange now..nice n easy colour! smile

I just joined this site, and after playing several games, I can see why it's called Solitaire "Craving."

I mentioned not moving 3 at the top lol The lowest I get using Dilip's moves is 138..but I know its something I am missing..but can't see for migraine today.. lol Likely won't even try more today. Back to the ice pack and dark room lol Thanks for the clues though Dilip and Fizzbut!!! smile
Ads don't bother me either..anything to get servers that don't freeze and give us everything we won't.. don't want much do I?? lol

You must have missed something Leelamaria, the worst I got using Dilip's clues is 139. Maybe you moved the 3. There are a number of cards that don't have to be moved. Like all the other K's Q's & J's from the dogpile that Dilip didn't mention.

Dilip thanks...I have got my moves down.... there's a fiddly bit in the middle when the ace c goes out.

Well ......I just thought that I'd followed all Dilips clues to a I got out in even more moves....153 to be exact! While Janinuae, Fizzbut and Dilip did it 127. There's something I'm not getting, and maybe its brain cells

Well Adam the Google adds are fine..... wouldn't mind a little ranking update.......but mustn't my grandma used to say.

Thanks for letting us know fizzbut. The ads don't bother me at all.

I just saw that Adam left a thread in the Forum asking for our feedback on the google ads.

The fun part is figuring out all the cards you don't have to move. Good clues Dilip.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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