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Hi Ber & Luigi, I live in Renfrewshire not far from Glasgow, Luigi heres me thinking you were in some sleepy Tuscan village drinking wine in the local bar or zipping about on your Moped in Rome or Milan, but no, your right on my doorstep. I spend quite a lot of time in North Ayrshire as my Mother lives there. It's a small world as they say!
Ber I drove over 1300 miles while I was in Ireland Antrim,Tyrone,Doneagal,Fermanagh,Sligo,Mayo,Connemara, we just could'nt get enough of your wonderful country, we went as far as Galway had a lovely lunch in Lynchs before making tracks back to Larne to catch the ferry the following day. Next year we plan to fly to Shannon and head towards Dingle, Waterford Cork and anywhere else in between. Haddingdon is a lovely wee town, as is North Berwick. Keep clicking guys, love Jac xx

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Ireland Jacqueline. We have similar weather so you would be used to our so called " summers " . I have 3 children aged 11, 9 + 6 and the 4 of us had a lovely holiday in Scotland visiting my brother and his family , who live over there. His wife is from North Berwick but they live in a beautiful rural place called Haddington.It is about 20miles from Edinburgh. Do you know it Jacqueline? What part do you live in? I live in the midlands of Ireland in a town called Mullingar. Did you by chance happen accross it while you were in the country?

I have a hair salon in my home and I have a picture of Mona Lisa with a picture of my Scottish Terrier on her lap.

I like it when people write a bit about themselves smile

Hi ya'll...I live in Savannah, Ga. where it has been raining for the past few days. It is near Atlanta where they have had a drought for awhile and thought they were going to have to take our water to have enough but things are looking better now. We never have a white Christmas!

It's sunny and gorgeous in central Texas, incase anyone was wondering.

Jacqueline Potts where in Scotland are you ??
I live in Ayrshire myself

Hi Ber, welcome back. I spent two wonderful weeks in your lovely country this summer ( what summer??) , anyway we had a grand time the food was good, the people friendly, the scenery was spectacular, so much so, we are going back next year.

I am in Canada and we have daylight savings, too, but they moved it a week later this year. When the first snow arrives...and it has in some places already..I will get all excited. After two months max...I will be yelling... Enough already!!!! lol Last year we didn't get snow til January, though and I hated having a green you just can't please me lol
Yeah we have a nice little international family here, don't we? smile

Was unable to play for most of the week but god it good to be back. I really missed solitaire and all you guys. You feel like part of my family. I know what you mean Jacqueline about the weather. Im here in Ireland and winter is well and truely here. Our clocks are goin back 1 hour tonight for what we call "winter time" ,so it will be long dark nights from now on. Does that happen in other countries outside of Europe? ? I would like to know about that if anyone has an answer for me!

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