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Game #477, Generated on September 29, 2007

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Suzy,all the best.i am sure you will win this challenge as well.Take care.

Take it easy SuzyQ ! I wish you all the best.

And for Fizzbut : well done, the only one with 135 moves!

See SuzyQ if you need to slow down you should take some time to play solitaire each day. smile

Welcome to Sonali and Ber. Trying to live with this addiction and trying to finish moving is nearly impossible!!! One of these days I'll be back to really compete for top spot in moves again -- maybe. Actually, I enjoy all of the friendly people and their comments as much as getting a fairly decent score on moves. I'm getting too old to worry about "competition," with the likes of all the "masters." Gosh, it wasn't so long ago that I considered myself one of them. Now it's a rare day -- like yesterday -- when I can be right at the top on moves with the rest of you. It was fun while it lasted. donnamusica, thanks for noticing me playing yesterday and asking about me. I absolutely LOVE my new home, but I still have a lot of stuff to move, recycle, donate, and trash at my old house, so I'm in between both places, and waiting for my son(s) to finish painting and helping with other things I just can't do any more. I had been continually nauseous and had a weird moving headache for over 2 weeks, not bad, just annoying. Had lost 15 lb. and thought it was from all the extra activity with moving. Took time out to go to the dr., thank God, and found out I'm diabetic! So now I had to slow down a little and try to get my blood sugar down and get more recent knowledge about "how to get a handle on it." Am taking some classes starting next week. I had a lot of risk factors, so it was only a matter of time, but it was still a surprise. My dad and his mother had it. (My dad lived to 91!) I'm overweight. Two out of four of my children were over 9 lbs. (10 lb. 14 oz. -- the guy who is now 6' 5" -- and 9 lb. 12 oz. -- she's only 5' 9"). On Monday it will be 10 years since my husband passed away from complications from the same disease. So my children have a double whammy of risk factors. It will be a challenge to face, but I know I can do it with the greater knowledge there is now about how to handle it than there was when my husband got it. Well, I've got to get busy and play today's game before I either get back to sorting thru stuff or going to sleep and starting again in the a.m. God bless all of you, my friends.

You are right..that is two days. Maybe a holiday! I hope so!

Hi Sonali...welcome to the site smile
Maybe he is just late today...he was on yesterday wasn't he Tammie?

hello guyz.....jst joined some weeks back.....addicted 2 this site....thank u 4 the hints...they r useful

Anybody seen Dilip lately?

Glad you are hooked too... there are sure worse things to be addicted to smile lol! Welcome to the club!

Thanks for the hints every day. Only playing a few weeks but already hooked !! Happy enough with my times but my moves are hopeless.

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Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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