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Game #4496, Generated on July 1, 2018

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When I have a decent score, I try to give clues. This time, as has happened before, my low score came out of the blue. I only used the clues already given-and thanks for those.  I can't get near that low score again, and I have no idea why. I don't vey often have a score near the top. If I do, I try to give clues. This is a great group and I'm happy I stumbled on it.  Can’t say the same for the games - very frustrating!

Chris, you ma be right. But when you find a problem you can't solve, isn't it helpful to have someone point you in the right direction? Isn't that how we learn?

Problem solving is a lost art.

I also believe sharing clues makes the game more fun and helps us become better players. And while it's tempting to wait for Susan and Leyla to weigh in, there are plenty of other quality players. Let's all be involved.

4 first - I am not the lowest but that was the only way I could finish.

I have been on this site for many years. There has always been a spirit of sharing. While we all like to be on the top of the scoring, it has been the practice of those who are more gifted at playing sharing with us who need a bit of help. The clues are always appreciated and have made this site (and the old one too) genuinely a group of friends. For me, I met Di in real life and she is as lovely in person (maybe better!) then she is here! 

If your find a low moves combination and did it on your own then congratulations. The challenge is to find the path yourself. 

I would have left a clue if I had one to offer.  Apart from K, I played the cards as available and was waiting for Susan and/or Layla to offer insight to a better score.

K first for 105

Absolutely my opinion too.  I hate to be nasty but I think if we all shared the game would get even better.

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