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Game #4127, Generated on July 3, 2017

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Thanks babs. I'm just stuck. 

I don't know why people must blow things up to "celebrate" the national birthday. Scores for this game vary by device and by browser being used. And tech sophisticates can manipulate scores and times. fun, eh?

I think the trick is to play the 6 first.

Finally finished with a terrible score but at least finished. Thanks for the clues Di!

I can't finish to save my life. No idea what I'm missing. cwy

Good Morning.   I love holidays..but I am getting extremely tired of those who think all holidays have to have fireworks  going off in their yards for two to three weeks before and after each holiday.  I am intrigued by those who notice a change in moves depending on which device they are using. I have not tried that as mu laptop is old and so slow to begin with. I usually only play on my desktop. I have a tablet now, also, so will try that today. Interesting. LOL

OK, I played the game on the tablet and the laptop, side by side matching move for move.   Each move exactly the same.   Score on the laptop was 130 and score on the tablet was 127.   Something wrong here.

I would leave a clue for 108, but I don't know how I did it.   It was the first time I played this game and I was using my tablet.   I'm now using my laptop and cannot get below 142.     I'm thinking there is something about the tablet that affects the count.   

Fo 116 K, K, K, 9 smile

Thank you for the clue Di. I finished the game at second attempt. I will not try again as yesterday when after about 3 games my score did not register as the game froze on me. Although this site has got more reliable than it was a few months ago.
The old site always seems to work OK.
Guess you guys stateside have a day off tomorrow for 4th.July.

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