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Game #4027, Generated on March 27, 2017

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As I suspected, nothing I tried on the tablet worked.  Just got the spinning wheel of doom.  Turbo, if you are still checking,  I might have an insight.  Tablets and mobile devices seem to the ones who can't register a score.  Sometime fairly recently I remember admin. said the site was down while you changed the version of the game over.  All the ratings and scores changed at that time.  Admin. Mentioned the new format would be more friendly for mobile devices.  Could something have gone wrong with that this past few days?

You are welcome Rich.  We are all in this together and I think it is great when everyone can play.  I was right about the tablet though.  So far no go from there.  I will try more later.  I am meeting friends for dinner.

Thanks! That worked for me (once, so far).   

I clicked on the game number that I was trying to play.  That is the only way it worked.  It still won't work for me to play just from the game page after logging in.  I am pretty sure when I leave here in just a few minutes I will not be able to score from home on my laptop or tablet, but at least I could get somewhere on the desktop here in my office.

Maybe I'm not following the instructions right.  I logged out, then logged in, then went to "My Profile".  When you say to play from there, does it mean anything other than being in My Profile and then clicking the Play menu item at the top of the page?

Hi Every 1 -- I finished this 1 with 135 moves.  
3rd time is the charm -- I played 3X -- it finally posted my score.
                    Knit 01  smile

Turbo, thanks for your help!  We really love this and I guess we get strange when we can't play.  This site brings joy to many when it works right.   Just so you know.

Donna!  Thanks for whatever you did.  Try logging out on your own before it kicks you off and log back in and go through the profile.  I finished games but I probably won't be able to hone my scores from home.  I am on a school computer.  I don't think my laptop will play.  But at least there is hope.  I learned something from all this.  I really enjoy this game and all of you people here.  I value you all and hope we can continue to play and build our community for a long time to come.  I guess there is always a silver linings.

Glad you got to play. He commented before Di. He was testing the comment section

Okay.  On Chrome and the desktop I finally thought of something I had not thought of.  I logged out and logged back in and then went through my profile.  I got a score to register.  I wasn't high enough to get on leader board, but I registered.  I will keep trying and see what happens next.  It is a big relief to find a way to fet a score up after 6 days.  I doubt it will work on my tablet, however.

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