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Game #3990, Generated on February 18, 2017

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Twice last night I tried to comment and it wouldn't let me, then I got forbidden again.  There is something wrong here alright.  We can't see ratings and scores are wonky.  If anyone can reach admin even on the old site, they could really help out by doing so.  This is badly messed up!!

Babs - I have a mac and it works for me. What doesn't work for me is the emoticons, not sure why. Don't leave a space between the number and the letter. Not sure if you are doing this but thought it was worth a try. Off to Oz! 

Also, K, 7. Just do a capital K and capital H, with no space - 7 then capital S, with no space. smile

Hi chickadee. I agree, I think the software on this game is bent. I've been playing the old game, since 2006 and it's never been like this one. I play both games, but this one is better for me, because it comes on at 11am Oz time, instead of 11pm, as the old one does. At least I can have a bit of chat here. It's annoying, but free annoying. I guess we just have to suck it up, because admin don't seem interested. smile

I could't get the symbols to work as per the aforementioned instructions but, thanks for the info.  In retrospect the clues provided would have proved virtually meaningless.

When compared to the old site the number of moves for this site seem to be amiss.  For example when Layla plays the old site she will get lowest score but others will get the same score.  Also, I have never seen a game on the old site with a score less than 120, including the occasional Miss Lanny.  It is ironic that both Layla and Brian rarely leave clues and when provided their presentation is somewhat cryptic.  This is not meant as criticism of either, both are great players, possibly it is attributable to the game software.  As an example consider the old site today, Feb 17th, Koko and four other players, have the fewest number of moves, not unusual, but on this site Koko is 14 moves behind the leaders.  Fourteen moves behind the leader on the old site is occupied by the 44th spot.     

Feel free to comment and tell me where I'm going wrong.

Hi everyone. Thanks for the clues, Babs smile

Thanks for the clues but it still seems like a lot of playing cards up to finish at the end.  Your method worked much better though, Babs.


Oh, wait! It does work. Just doesn't show up until after I post.

Play up hearts through the 5. 5 first. (The card symbol method that LarryJ explains so well doesn't work for me -- is it that I have a Mac?) Then K, Q, and from there the game will practically play itself.

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