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Game #3803, Generated on August 14, 2016

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1. I went down this road and was run out of town.
2. Then, I studied all the games by time. 5-6 years ago a couple of players were beating Layla with times below 1:00.
  Layla was learning.
3. Don't forget that there is a game generator for each game. It's code does have patterns.
4. Layla has developed an algorithm based on the past games and the generator.
5. Record for 100 meters 9.58. Bolt ran 9:81 yesterday.
6. Based on our generator now, I would say the record will be 00:55. (10:00 m equals 1:00)
7. Don't forget that Layla always finds min moves and then refines to get min time. It is a two step process.
Layla locks in min moves in Layla's algorithm. 
8. Layla posted a 0:57 just a few days ago.

Layla, I don't doubt that with talent, practice and dedication games can be completed in a minute or less. What I do not believe, regardless of "brainpower", is you or anyone consistently finishing at exactly 1:00 day in and day out. Of course, that's just my opinion. Like you, I have other things to do in my life. Good night.

Layla, your expertise in the game is admired by me. For many years we have played on old site. I have never doubted your skill at the game. Your clues will be missed! Take care and play on.

Thanks James to defend me.  You know I am very tired to defend myself. If anyone is better than me, please lower my score.  If you practice long enough, you can get even much lower than one minute. For thanking James, I will leave the glues for the last time.  I used 5 first, and 4 goes over. From now on, I will not say anything on this site anymore. I love playing this game, and I will be here just practice my brain power.  I have a lot of other things I need to do in my life.  Good night!

I respect that, James. According to the website, Layla hasn't played the old game in at least a month. On this game it seems she always comes in at the end. And when she has the low score I've never seen her share a breakthrough clue. Moreover, I can't get past her 1:00 times. No one can do that consistently without manipulating the software.

LarryJ, she does that on the old site too. I believe the score and time is legit. There has been times my low stuck after she played.

Wanted to thank you for the clues James.  I am grateful for the 95.  

James, do you ever wonder if Layla's scores are legitimate? I do. I don't believe she completes games time after time in EXATLY one minute. So why should I believe the scores? To me it all seems ... fishy. Pardon my cynicism, Tcutt.

I think it's J first and 4 though my best score is 114

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