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Game #3688, Generated on April 21, 2016

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Harleyman, why the change in monikers?

"Purple Rain" will be remembered.  MY he rest in peace.  sad

smilegrinheart So sad to hear of Prince's death today.

Layla, you are one impressive player. You give me a target to strive for, please keep it up.

Hi everyone! As you said before, Layla, "it's only a game". smile

Way to go, Layla!  Never got to see the other players you mention.  I think personal challenge is the big reason for doing this too.  I just try to improve.  Winning more will come with time.

Have you thought to use 7, J first, and pulled down 3 in order to move the 2?  By the way, I know that Koko used to be one of fast players when she has time.  I have already said too much.  Whatever you like to think or make the comments, it will be fine with me.  I am here to practice my brain and my memory for the speed.  Life is short, I have a lot of other things to do. Good night!

Thanks so much for analyzing Layla's game.  I usually play the cards without logging in until I have understood the card layout.  Then I practice several times to improve the speed.  Then I log in. After that I don't waste any other time for this game.  I have a very busy life, and usually don't have much time to chat with you.  For me, it is impossible to understand someone says they do not know what they did.  Some very good players, such as like Fitz who always knows what he did and 99% he is the lowest card player.  I do miss his challenge; unfortunately, he did not like the new Solitairecraving site.  In the past, there were some comments made for some good players just like Tcutt did.

Look at Layla's stats:
First try min moves
Second try min time

Layla's next game will be analyized ; 
1. Number of tries
2. If less than two, as is the pattern, each card and position of said card will be counted.
3. Without more than two trials, Layla's scores are not possible.

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