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And I thought that all of the face cards have to come down -- not play over.  No, this isn't for me.  Regular solitaire on the original site is challenging enough.  Thanks for the comment. smile

Susan, in all the games I've played, there was one that Robin pointed out that even the Q played over. So, you will have to decide what is best for any particular game. Experiment like robin does. Try different suits. It is frustrating.

My advice to Bruce is -- Don't bother!! ~~  See, James!  The word you use "usually" is problematic to me.  For my little brain, either a card plays up or it doesn't / plays over or it doesn't, etc. -- like on the original site.

I remember reading that, Robin, but it still doesn't make sense to me.  For example, it there's a 9 in the deck, do you play up all of the Hearts to play the 9 over OR do you bring it down?  Is that consistently the same?

Susan, here, you usually don't play higher than 8 and that holds true for play over also. Kings moving in blank spots or laterally are not counted.

Susan, actually thank Robin, he game me those clues. I've tried all that I think I could and still come up with 91.

Susan, I left an explanation   a couple games ago. You will have to scroll through them.  That should help you.  I cannot remember exactly what game. The same goes for Bruce if he comes back

If you wanted to go back to yesterday's game, I did leave a clue of sorts -- more of a clarification, in case it helps. smile

Well, I finally got 91 but have no idea what I did.  The K first was a very helpful clue, James ! smile  But the trial and error at the end is too time-consuming for me.

Thanks, James!  I forgot that I told myself I wouldn't play on this site anymore because I DO NOT understand what to play up and what not to play up.  On yesterday's game, I found a way to play two cards over and one up (for the misslanny) and ended up with FOUR more moves.  I don't get it - period !!! cwy  sad  angry

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