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Game #2973, Generated on May 5, 2014

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Two cards down, the game is over.
Three cards down, the game may be over.
down= uncovered

Thank you Donna for the perfect cluessmile

King of Hearts - Oh dear! I had a feeling that there was a simple, logical answer to my queries, and there was. Just couldn't find it for myself. Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply - I am very grateful to you. Elaine.

William, I hope I  am not plucking your  nerves.  You still have the old site to resort to.  "Invented solitaire " -  good terminology.  I cannot help but chuckle over that one.  Thanks for your reply.

Robin, I don't know what to tell you. As I said earlier, I've been playing up cards from the piles only when it helps me uncover cards or play cards over from the deck. At the end, I find it better to bring down cards rather than wait to play them over. I know this doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's been getting me low moves, Go figure. I don't believe I can continue to play this "invented" solitaire. As per Dale, it ain't much fun any more.

@rheinmaiden - following are those you are fans of. The  Win ID is just a form of identification for the administrators along with a reference of time and day you played on this site.  If you view your stats, you will see and window ID for every time you played.  The ID is different, yet the range could be close depending how frequently you played.

I suspect that I may have missed a few important posts when the following were discussed, but could someone tell me what Win ID is, and what the 7 digits beside our names represent ? Also,
we used to have "fans" who have now become "followers", but we also have "following". What is this? Sorry to be so dense. Help to understand will be much appreciated.

I'm sorry too, ctownlib, I should have minded my own business. angel

So what card are you moving today  William  ?  Whenever I  move a card. it counts as a move for me. The best that I can get is 112  playing regularly.  Does it always involve around the last card to  play up or move ?  I think I would like to see it at work once to make an observation.

Di, I'm sorry for the dust-up.  I must have been having a bad day. Mea culpa, please forgive.

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2023-02-13 10:19:09

Invalid links

I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

2016-05-10 17:27:24

New Servers

The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

2016-03-04 22:18:13


[quote]Happy Christmas, we updated game script for using on mobile devices, and also we have updating card cover! [/quote] ...

2015-12-24 21:24:18

Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

2015-12-03 20:34:00

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