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Thank you Robin.

William, you are a scholar and a gentleman. smile

Yea... and  here I was racking my brain so hard and thinking to myself... what is it that they are seeing  and trying every combination imaginable, but no improvement to score.  According to what you are saying, I could have just brought a card down when it normally played over.  At this point, I think I wills settle for as low as I can   go so I still will be in the loop when it does get corrected. cool

Wow William, that much difference ?!?!?!?!?  So that is how that is working.  Interesting enough. After our little  exchange, I began to watch what happened to me score before I began to spend some time with my wife. I did notice as I think some mentioned already, that the move is not counted when you move a king to an empty space.  Obviously, these are some bugs to be worked out.  I do not think they are intentional.  Whoever wrote the program , has to add some command lines to take into account for these moves.  Thanks for pointing this out.  We should probably note this  in the forum.  The low scores seem almost obscene.  Good find for those who figured out how scoring system worked, however, incorrect ?  smile

No William.  It doesn't!

How about this: if I play the 10 up, I get 95. Does this make any sense?

Here's an example of how perverse the scoring system is: in this game, the last card to play over is the 6. that leaves 27 cards in the piles at 81 moves. If I move the 10 (last card to be flipped in the piles) to the J, the game is over and the number of moves should be 107. The score I received was 89. HOW DOES THIS WORK? I somehow got 88, but cannot get it again. sadsadsadsad

Good luck Robin.

William, I would not have figured out that your score is better if you bring it down as opposed to playing it over when you could.  I wasn't really paying attention to how the scoring was working; just to getting lowest  moves as I always did.  You were very observant to notice that.  The one thing I did notice was after initial move count, your move count would be one less. I thought that was odd.  I think Sir Fizz was the first one to notice that.  I did not give that much thought; maybe a point  for solving puzzle.  Yea.. scoring is a little crazy.  smile Ok then... I will play my worst and maybe it will be my best  ?cwy  Thanks for the update William.

Robin, If I knew exactly how the scoring worked, I would be more than happy to help. I can't get the same score twice, no matter what I do. On this game, the 6 plays over (bring down the 5). K is first.

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