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SallyForth, I don't know what is causing the problem with your cards, but sometimes my computer just gets bogged down with all the downloads and cookies, etc. and etc. You might want to download a free CCleaner and run it. I have used it for years and it always makes my computer faster and any minor problems, like pages loading real slow, goes away. I absolutely recommend it! Super clean up tool. And it will clear you internet cache for you.

That's true, Dale. That there are unfriendlies everywhere. I met a lady who goes to the church she goes to now because it was the only one in this area she visited where people spoke to her. I did have a friend who did relief work in NYC after the terrorist attacks, and she said people seemed friendlier then. When we visited 11 months later, things were back to their usual business. I guess it's partly so many people living in such a congested area. Yes, most northerners I know I like. One of my aunts wasn't liked even by her own children and grandchildren, sadly enough.

Brilliant Donna...what's that about being a blond? Great clues.

MM....I live just outside of NYC, on Long Island, and yes people around here can be a bit stand-offish at times! But once you break the ice everything is good! I think there are unfriendlies everywhere! The most friendly people I have met are in the Bahamas....they are so nice and laid back....but maybe because they like tourists? P.S. I did not mark you offensive...I changed it to interesting!!

Don't cover 5 d or use 5 C.

Miss the friendly chat here. will not be playing for a few days, heading down south to my sisters. The lovely lady is watching my babies whilst I watch 30 men run about a rugby pitch at Twickenham!! be safe all xx tongue

That's Yankee Land, Di - the unfriendliness. Us Southerners will at least speak to you. Did you get the job teaching ESL? I hope they'll be friendlier.

Great clues Donna! Thank you. smile

Di - I bet you'll love your volunteering job. I did something similar a few years ago, teachng Asians newly arrived in England. I was new too, though a native English speaker, and we had a ball. I think I got more out of it even, than my pupils did. Their respect for education and learning was impressive. In my 'day job' I was accustomed to being sworn at, and on occasion, having tables, chairs and transistor radios (old technology) thrown at me during lessons to the lower streams of an English comprehensive school!

I got through this one but I didn't do great on the time. My moves weren't that great either, but it was a personal best for me, which should tell you something of my skills. I'm going to try some I couldn't do earlier; perhaps that will be better. Hope you all are having a good day.

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