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Game #2494, Generated on February 6, 2013

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this one went fairly easily for me, although I am not the leader in either time or moves.

I wondered if it was what we call oatmeal. It is good and good for you!

We call it Porridge here in Blighty, my son Ryan has it with hot milk before he leaves for school in the morning. I don't think he knows that it's good for him!! smile smile

We call it oatmeal here, Di. It IS very good for you !!

We call rolled oats, porridge in Australia. They're a great start to the day and keep you going for hours. The oats can be cooked in milk or water and we had blueberries and cranberries. Yum! They're also good for lowering cholesterol.

I'll have to check out that CD Donna. If it's anything as good as the song "I will wait for you" then I'm sure it's great. Di, So happy you and hubby are having a great time in NY. By the way, what are rolled oats? Have fun!

Thanks Di..think I am doing all that except 10s..will try again. smile I have the first Mumford was worth it smile

SallyForth, I saw your comment on Mumford and Sons and the song, so I looked them up on YouTube and I adore them. That music can surely get your fingers going and your blood pumping. Thanks for turning me on to them!!!! I've never heard them before. smile Now I've got to look up the lyrics since I loved what I could make out.

Thank you for the lovely welcome, Susan. smile Donna, I followed the order of Kings clues, not moving 8 and playing 9 and 10 over. Hope this helps. Thanks clue givers! smile

Hello, Di ! I was just going to say exactly the same thing (about the 8) !! I'm not playing on a regular basis now so I didn't see exactly which day you arrived in the States. Anyway, WELCOME !! It sounds like you've made a lot of progress already and have been taking in some of the sights ! I wish you both the very best for your new life in New York -- and every happiness. smile

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