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Game #2165, Generated on March 18, 2012

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congrats to all those who have figured out this mislanny...its been HOURS now..and i am not anywhere close to getting all the cards to play up, over sideways, down did i say UP? my eyes are shot, im tired, and its midnight...the house is empty..I am all alone..and i guess its time for bed.
boys went on a sleep over across the street to my brother Ryan's home, Emma went into the city to see Jersey Boys...again...and again and again..i think its her 8th trip in to see the Jersey Boys. Mom and Dad are tending to Reynn's kids, Reynn is being tended by his wife Shelly, and Chevy has gone to his groomer/breeder to run around in the wide open 7 acres isn't enuf..
To quote Margret Mitchell..."and tomorrow is another day"
Thanks for ur help just wasn't in the cards for me today...lot on my mind...and have been pre occupied all day long, didn't sleep worth squat last the best i can muster for why i struggle with these easy games...

hi Norm...yeah..i know they are here..but.....................the more attempts i make the more frustrated i become..I am stuck...i get the 3 uncovered...and i play up the cards...i get the J and 10 and that is the end of the story...going backward leaves me with 3-4 cards that force me to flip...errrrrrrrrrr

Robb...all the clues are there !

and i suffer along and alone...errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thanks cluers.

Glad you got it, Bruce & Donna!

I might have been bringing 9 down by mistake..or it might be how you move Qs to K before switching red 4s..not sure.

I can't either Bruce sad

So it took me 25 minutes after work to find the misslanny and take it to 128 and now I have two hours invested in the last move and am no closer that when I started. It's probably as prominent as the nose on my face (which is vere very prominent), but I just can't see it.

You're welcome Margaret. Glad you got it.

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