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William, you're a pre-teen again !! smile

Well, there is just one more thing . . . I should've said that Zoe was the *5th* kitty of the entire colony that I trapped back on December 2, 1998 to get her spayed. She was an older kitten at the time, so she's been under my care for many years.

Well, there's nothing more to say about this sort of thing. Be well Susan. Good night all - see you tomorrow. smile

Yes, I'm glad you all were safe from the tornadoes. ~ The vet said that Zoe probably would have died overnight so I'm glad that I noticed that she was going downhill. Euthanasia was the best thing for her and, yes, it always hurts -- even though she wasn't able to be real close to me. sad

Sorry Susan, I was away. Yes, it was close, but only as close as it's ever been for me. Julius (our orange tabby) had renal failure. Putting him down was the best we could do for him, but boy it hurt! I hope you're OK. Thanks Margaret. smile

Sorry to hear about Zoe, Susan. I'm glad you were safe from the tornadoes, William.

Unfortunately, William, we did euthanize her last night. The vet said she was probably in renal failure and would have been somewhat zoned out anyway. Thanks. ~ I heard about the tornadoes around Dexter and meant to check the map to see how close that was to you. I got sidetracked with Zoe, I guess. Have you had them come closer than 8 miles? That's a little too close for me !

Yes Anita, I have gotten better. But, it's due to help from players like you and Donna and Susan and PaBaldy and Dale and on and on. Thanks. Susan, did you lose Zoe? If so, I'm sorry. It's been a rough few months for you. There was a tornado 8 miles to the northwest of us yesterday. Two houses destroyed, two damaged. No injuries.

Rachel from Alaska..enjoy the mushing! I have a second cousin and his wife who are usually part of those races. They have a new sick baby this year though, so I doubt this year they will compete. Hope it's a good time!

Wonderful clues..thanks to all smile

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New Servers

The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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