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Game #2054, Generated on November 28, 2011

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Big Guy I am off to lala land..Emma, took Diane to JWayne and is spending the nite in La Jolla for a few days..You my friend...are on your OWN. If u want Emma to come back she will, I suspect, but I think u can make an egg white omelet without Emma.
I called the pilot, will plan to leave Naperville at 10am Chicago time TOMORROW vs Tuesday, what i need to finish I can do in the plane and the twins will either sleep or entertain the pilot..they seem to have made another huge fan for themselves..the pilot Dean. he is engaged, and i think the twins have put that glint in his eye that it is the right time for marriage...carriage..etc
Get some rest Big Guy

Robbie, thanks bud for the clues..the house is SO QUIET, the ocean sounds great and I'm gonna sleep like a baby. Give the boys a Howie Hug so they know I miss em too. Going to do nothing tomorrow except talk to CLo91 and KLo58. Where is EMMA? no note no nothing! Diane is back in Ivy with a stop off in StL to c CLo91. Mom to the rescue.
Hope u will be back home tomorrow night? all this quiet is gonna drive me nuts. TB and JJ just left for their flights back home. Miss you buddy, and THANK YOU for all you do for HoLo & family.
love u bud.

Howie...i suspect its just the two of us on the game. how is ur knee? at the end of the show when u guys where in the chairs..i could tell ur knee was OUT. good thing u had something to laff about.
Q and Race MISS you..i think they get now ur on TV. if ur playing the game..its a bear. getting tired, a LONG day. chatted with CLo91 did u? he is BUMMED BIG TIME. said he didn't wanna chat w/u. said lata. it Tenn or UCLA I don't see him at SMU anymore than he would fit at BYU. LOL sorry.
OK...c u Tuesday. c u got rated out on ur golf game by the boys! How Low is that? Hope Norm doesn't read this.

dont you hate when you play a game get a great score with great time.. and ups... YOU ARE NOT SIGNED IN..LOL

Same here.

Right, Koko! I was actually able to dig the no-flipper out of it, but I couldn't get any lower than 129.

Never mind, I got it out of the way. Thanks.

Donna, I'm having the same hang-up with the 8. What did you do? smile

Glad to see you got it, Donna. It was a doozy.

57 Feral Cats... just read todays comments and saw what you wrote about how you thought yesterdays game was going in the direction of a no-flipper.... well, it was a no- flipper but not with the low moves.

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