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Game #2053, Generated on November 27, 2011

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First time in - great game. THX DC

MagicMargaret - its rather streight forward - 3 on 4 to let the hearts move up - 9 is first red nine to move - everything comes down - go easy on the 2 Jacks at the end. I've tried different things - got down to 131 - but can't find the answer to break into the 120's - any help is appreciated as I sit in an airport waiting on cancelled flights on Sunday

Time to hit the showers...its well after 10pm here in Chicago. spent the day with the former CEO of Sara Lee...she stepped down from her position last year...she found she was full of cancer. I have known her most of my life. she is about my age, we worked out at the same gym for years while I lived in Naperville...she still lives in Naperville...she is so dedicated to making sure Sare Lee is on the right track.
Her husband is a surgeon as i recall, and I must say even with all my personal problems, I forgot all about them today while talking with Deb. She made my day great....I will double kiss the twins tonight as when i get home they will be sleeping..and i suspect they will be in my bed, im using my bedroom i had as a kid while at mom and dad' thought it was a wise idea to get rid of the double standard beds and replace it with a queen size, the boys are finding the bed spacious and of course, we brought Chevy with us, and he is on the bed as well...I hope i can find a spot for myself in the bed when i get 'home'.
I will turn the lights out as i leave now...i suspect I am the last one to do the game tonight...I was a bit tired and didn't play the game until a bit before 10pm.
good night Mrs Calabash wherever you are

Applause!! Applause!! I knew you'd make it, William !! smile

Congratulations, William! I knew you could make it. And thanks for any help you can give on the 133 game.

MM, I won't forget the 133 game - I'll work on it. smile Good night all. smile

I just did! (crossed the finish line) I promised myself I wouldn't take this kind of time on the game - guess I'm hooked again. Thank you Susan, as always. Thanks also to Nano - what a mind! smile

William, it's hard to know sometimes which clues are meant to be taken literally or in a more general sense. You're almost crossing the finish line. smile

Now you tell me. smile I guess I take clues too seriously. Thanks Susan - thanks MM. smilesmile

You're making progress, William.

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