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Game #1520, Generated on June 16, 2010

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this game stuck me my first try but not my second. this of couse confirms my genius. it's a burden but luigi and i know how to handle it. HAAAAAAAAAA. time to take my crazy pills.

My husband was the halftime show for the big 10 college football playoffs. He threw a fooballs for a million dollars. It was hosted by Dr.pepper and Chic-fil-a.. He said he was treated like a king..they were a real class act.....Congrats Lynne..your son is working with a great company.....the commercial is very cool....

Lynne my oldest Gandson is infatuated with Dr. Pepper and Flud. He has yet to get a watch but I am working on it. His closet looks like a Dr. Pepper clothing warehouse. He has one of everything Dr. Pepper.

Lynne, your son owns FLUD watches???!!!! How cool is that? (I can't find the umlaut on my computer to put over the U...) They are the hot watch right now. As hot as Swatch was in its day. I still keep up on the fashion business even tho I'm long retired. Great commercial--handsome lad!

Yay!!!! 132 and my second misslanny ever!!! On the first try! Couldn't have done it without all your fabulous clues, but there were so many, I sort of winged it too. Phew! Can't continue calling it a misslanny if misslanny doesn't occasionally hold up her end.

Very few...but thanks fizz silencesilencesilence!!

You did find a couple of the don't moves all by yourself.

I could with you all taking my hands and leading me to the finish line smilesmilesmile

yw donna, we knew you could

BLESS YOUR HEARTS...I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! silencesilencesilencesilencesilence

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I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

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New Servers

The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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[quote]Happy Christmas, we updated game script for using on mobile devices, and also we have updating card cover! [/quote] ...

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Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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