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Game #1519, Generated on June 15, 2010

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Pa you seem quite resilient. I suspect you will make the most of you situation which will probably not include Wal-mart. I'll do the best thing for you I can and that's pray.
As for the game, may I add what went up first for 120 is probably not for 119.

liked this game. was doable for me. i go from being a genius to a moron in huge fluctuations. oh well.

Just stopped back and saw the posts from my friends. You guys are great. It is a trying time for me and knowing I can blurt out a frustration now and then and someone cares is a spiritual thing. suman12 I am ready to try anything right now. I have about a year to heal my body before my company has a legal right to terminate. I plan on doing my best to accomplish just that. At the same time I will also put some effort in to a new and different career , just in case. If neither work then what can I say except "Welcome to Wal-Mart" and " Were you able to find everything you were looking for?". I might as well train for both doors to double my chances for a job.
Hamlette you said a mouthful. Sir Fizz has absolutely out done himself with that clue.

I said that! Did you read his clue? What does THAT mean? Fizzbutian at its finest (or worst when I can't translate.)

PA you might think I am crazy but try yoga. It's hard at first but things come back that you never thought would have! And acupuncture if you can afford it. But the top is meditation. Really. It will help you to enjoy whatever you are doing. really really really.

Thank you Fizz, very clear and unambiguous! (Who ever said you were cryptic???? And spoke in a different language called Fizzbutian?????? Who said that?????)

The scoring system went through several changes and Adam never posted a final explanation that I know of. but that's to the best of my knowledge.

Misslanny i missed your first question on scoring. There's no percentage for time. Time and moves are figured seperately and added together. Your best time and moves is subtracted from the average of everyone who has played to get your score. Moves is weighted a little more by doubling your score to make it count a little more even to time. Say your best time for a game was 1:00 and your best moves were 120 and the average time was 1:40 and moves were 140. You would score 40 for time and 40 for moves equaling 80. I believe there is an amount added also for completing a game so that those who score over the average would still score points..

Actually the misdirection I guess comes fairly early but it's for the play up at the end.

misslanny is right about the scoring but our terminology is lacking today. It's a misslanny. Clever misdirection toward the end for that last move Dilip.

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