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Game #1362, Generated on January 12, 2010

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As I post this about 100AM EST, games 1330-1361 (32 games) are counting. Game 1362, the current game, will be added around 800AM EST thus games 1330-1362 (33 games) will be included. The cycle then keeps going on. You may also seem to "lose points" if you check your scores during the time when only 32 games are being counted. In general, the last 32 or 33, depending on time of day are what influence your score the most. Your long term average has something to do with your score so playing archived games and improving your score there will help. But Adam, the designer and webmaster, has been quite vague (if not totally opaque) about how much.

Actually, depending on time of day, the last 32 or 33 games count. Look at the games listed in your profile. Those are all the games that count except the top most game...the one being played right now. Around midnight EST, a game drops off leaving 32 that count. Sometime the next AM, the previous days game gets added and now the last 33 (excluding the new puzzle that is being solved) gets counted.

Thanks - that is great advice.

Welcome back WhatLuck and thanks for the invite. Has it warmed up any?
banktommy for getting low times it does help to have a faster computer and the right browser. I've never found using Internet Explorer to be very quick for this game. It was originally designed with Firefox in mind, but Google chrome and I've heard Safari also work well. Plus basicly memorizing the game is key so you have no hesitation on what to move next. Also, improving you time and moves for the last 30 days but especially your time will better your score the most.

Hi all, I'm back............Scary isn't it! Happy New Year to all and an open invitation to come visit NW Florida (or LA Lower Alabama, as I call it) I only have one spare bedroom at the present, but am reclaiming another one and also restoring a guest house that was built in 1893 or 1903. Like I have time as I am now working 40/5! Blessings to all and prayers to those that need them! ((((((((((((SCs)))))))))))))

I'm going to stop playing archived games for a bit. I cannot understand how people finish a game in about 1 minute, sometimes less. I had my daughter try - she's fast with the mouse - but could only get just over 2 minutes with a very easy game. Guess I need a faster PC.

Scores overall probably dropped today because yesterday's game is the one added to the top and as it was an impossible game, everyone lost points today. Also, Pa that is not correct about playing previous games. Whatever your best time and lowest moves obtained are, only that time and moves are factored into the scoring. However, it's my understanding that the last 30 days are scored individually but the games in the archive also make up a smaller portion of one's score are based on one's overall average for all games played. So if you play an archive game and get a result worse then you overall average that could adversely effect your overall average and therefore lower your score.

Thanks Pa. I have been going back and playing games in the Archives, so that may be why my score has been revised. However I don't totally understand why my score would decline, since typically my score is better the more I play a game. I can see where the previous 30 games will change from day to day as new games are introduced. The bigger question is this: Why did the Phillies let Cliff Lee go!

correct the number 3 to read 30

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