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If you come back tomorrow, Dee, and read this, I sure hope you and your husband had a GREAT anniversary celebration and will celebrate many, many more in the future. Hope the year ahead is a much better one, too. The past year has been the most stressful of my whole 66+ years, too even compared to the last year of my dear husband's life, if you can imagine that. My youngest son's wedding in May was the big, bright note, along with a much needed vacation at the ocean in September. Near fatal pneumonia, miscarriage, dementia, deaths, lost jobs, lousy new jobs, short sales, bankruptcy, being cut from college softball team, etc. have really put stress on myself and my children. It was wonderful to have 3 family gatherings during the past month, though, esp. a wonderful Christmas Eve together. All were together for the birthday celebrations for 2 of my grandchildren, too. Faith, family, and friends are the most important parts of my life. I know they are yours, too.

Looks like several people found that last clue so funny they laughed their way to one less move on yesterday's game.

You could try not bringing the 7 down

Any tips on the last move from yesterdays game......BIG GUNS?............

Vivien, you sound like me. I went to a party last night and in the first 20 minutes I spilled a drink on the carpet and then broke a wine glass that was still hanging on the holder. From then on I just sat in my chair and made sure I made no sudden moves. Guess it comes from getting old.

Congratulations Dee!!
Hope you enjoyed Avatar TKO. Our family saw that on New Year's day with some friends. Loved the special effects.
I'm using my son's computer because I knocked a hot mug of tea last night which liberally splatted my computer stack. It was dead this morning!! Hope it can be fixed!
Going off to do one of the games I missed over Christmas and New Year!

Well, since I was up late last night - my kids took me to see Avatar- I think I'll use this day to rest. I plan to set up the crock pot with some soup and read and relax all day. Tomorrow will be busy enough...Have a good one all...stay safe.

Morning all. Congrats Dee! My parents had their 50th this year! Bummer about the game but maybe I'll get something done. Must enjoy my beautiful San Diego weather before I go to Chicago tomorrow! Then I'll be able to relate to all of you in the cold. smile

Congratulations, Dee. We are at 46 on the 18th, so I can appreciate reaching your 51st. Quite an accomplishment.

Well at least we did not have to many choices before we realize that this is another impossible game

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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