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Game #978, Generated on December 29, 2008

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I've been using K first.

It hasn't gotten me anywhere, but that's what I've been doing.

Thanks Lynne....

Glad you are home, safe and sound nsnow3. Fizzbut, if I could cheat at this game, I would be able to use your clues. Now. who knows how to cheat? From the statistics, no one!

Hello everyone......
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday .... we got so much snow here that we had our Christmas on Saturday. We went out shopping on Friday and we spent the day on Saurday as a family.
On Christmas eve I got stuck 20ft from my house it took 5 people to get me out. My 3 yr old did not understand way we could not go home. Well Hope you have a wonderful New Year... we are going to stay home and watch movies and drink wine, (no not the kids just us big people) .
Well I thought I would just send out a hello and hope all is well with you all,
Donna sorry to hear about your loss. I have an aunt in the hospital right now, and she is not doing well at all,
Sending everyone all the best, and may the New year be better then the last!!!!!
Nieves. (now going to try and catch up)

Thanks Joe and Lynne for your comments. Clues helped me to learn how to lower my moves by learning what things to look for so I've figured it's a way of giving back. Plus, I believe that clues have helped others learn what to look for which raises the level of competition and adds to the fun. It seems that it's not that infrequent now that as many as 10-15 players are competing for the least moves before I even get on to give clues. But I'm glad you guys can use them. I just wish someone would figure out how to use the one I gave today. smile

Well, back to cleaning and getting the house back in order. Christmas makes such a clutter and we have to be ready for New Year's!! If you wnt to see a great movie - see The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons - very moving and thought provoking as well as a great love story.

Judy: It's 63 in NYC but cloudy, so I have the warmth. As for the roses, I received a dozen or so in various beautiful colors from my son. Joe: I speak for myself but I know that my words are echoing the thoughts of others. Even if Fizz does not lead us by the hand to see each and every move, he takes us close enough to see what we somehow don't, which is more than kind and generous of him. I have never had the bling, but I am satisfied to be in the top 100 in rank. I just like playing the game and the friendliness of this little board.

Well, this is probably good for me... Now that Christmas is over I have to get ready for the big do on New Year's Eve - I guess I could consider this a gift of time from Adam!!

That's right!! It's at the bottom of the fourth pile in yesterday's game.

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