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Game #973, Generated on December 24, 2008

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This is a couple weeks later, but better late then never. Stack spades and hearts - clubs and diamonds. don't bring down the 7 and Q first. Play spades up through 9 the 2nd time through as soon as possible. A couple cards you don't have to move but they're not too hard to figure out.

Fizz, say it ain't so...after a run of lowest moves that goes back I-don' havn't cracked 135 to get to 132? Jacqueline or emm or Davidi how about helping the man keep the streak alive?? Davidi, the clue above is a good one and helped a lot but I must be blind because I just can't see how to get lower than 138.

Don't know if anyone is going to read this 'cuz it's very early the next morning. Thanks for the clues, donna and Davidi. Still get to a dead end. Must not be meant to be. sad sad sad 0

I'm doing much better with Q and K first.

Wait for the Js.. Also I did Ks before Ks..I couldn't work it any other way. Ks first though. Good clue Nack..thanks smile I had done it once and it helped..but couldn't remember what it was I did LOL

BTW, Donna I love your little cottage! cheerful

Lynne, I'd love to get your recipe! I've never had them thin, light and especially dxnot greasy. And brisket, yum!!! My aunt used to make brisket with her own special recipe for the holidays.
Still haven't been able to finish this dang puzzle. Help? Anyone??? Make it simple, please!

Give us a prezzie jac or emm... clues PLEAE??? smilesmile!!
btw..did your daughter catch another plane emm?? Sure hope so!!

Dee I am glad to hear that your husband is doing better and I will send you both good wishes!!!
Have a Merry Christmas !!!

Hello everyone!
Here in Portland OR .... we have had 13 inches of snow- that is not normal for this area.
On top of the snow I have had to drive my daughter to the Nutcracker , so it been crazy for us.
I hope you all have a great Holiday ...... whatever it maybe be for each of you!!!
Here I sit trying to catch up and I can't seem to do it ! HELP!!!!!

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