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Game #955, Generated on December 8, 2008

Played a total of 2243 times by 237 registered members. Finished by 209 users who rated the difficulty as easy.

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If someone is going to be on early for tomorrow's game, please post a comment explaining why all of us who love this site should be fans of Ann-Maree. And if you put a @ just before her name then people only have to click on the name to go to her profile.

Ann-Maree is Adam Lyttle's wife. If you read his profile you'll see he developed Solitaire Craving for her originally. So by becoming a fan of Ann-Maree we show our appreciation to Adam as well.

Shaved off a minute and a half but not many moves. I still haven't learned that sometimes going for the obvious is a trap. I don't give up that easily though! Back later ... smile

Ok, thanks Fizzbut, unbelievably awful moves, but at least I finished. Now to try and improve. Can't believe I'm not the only one up this early (or late!).
Tammie, not sure who Ann-Maree is ? I was out of the loop yesterday.
Hi ho hi ho, it's off to work I go ...

Gine, Bravo for working that one out!!! Jac xxx

Fizzbut, Thanks for the clues, I was to lazy to work this one out! Jacqueline xxx

Here's the whole ball of wax - 3 7 first, don't move the 3, then K Q first. K 2nd to move the Q. 2nd time through when you bring down the 9 move 8 first and you should be able to play spades and hearts up to 9. Then after you move the K only bring down the 9 and 7 and you should be able to play everything up for 136.

Fizzbut, if you come back on tonight, I could really use some help with this game. I may not see your post until morning, but I'll still appreciate it! silencesilence

No, Michelle, not everyone has gone to bed. And I can't seem to get under 144 on this puzzle. I may just go on and do some I've missed this past month.
Hey Michelle- are you a fan of Ann-Maree?

Hi All, although I bet everyone has already gone to bed. I was out all day. It snowed here in CT, and with he wind tonight I'm freezing my a-- off!
Im off to try and solve again. I have three cards covered on the last pile and I'm at a dead end.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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