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Game #928, Generated on November 14, 2008

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Well, it's the next day, and I've just gotten on to check for a reply from fizzbut. You are such a "trip," fizzbut!!!! I'm sorry to those of you 120ers that I forced fizzbut to come up with 119 and take away your bling. Actually, it looks like jacxx got there at about the same time, and of course, mom and gage are right in there keeping up. I don't have time to satisfy my craving to try again right now, darn, but will see what I can do another time. Thanks, fizzbut.... Congrats to all of you with stars.

Tammie, Love those little games on facebook, how did you know I was playing? Jac xxx P.S I hope you are well? I've not been playing SC to much, suppose you can guess what I've been doing, another game addiction sets in. LOL

Hi Tammie, Bad news for Fizzbut, just taken away one of his stars...oop! LOL

Morning Jac! Well, I guess it's almost 1pm there? So I should say good afternoon Jacqueline! smile

A few more cards that don't have to be moved 2 and both red queens.

I try and not look at clues unless I'm really tired or after playing a bunch of times still can't get lower. Clues can be hard to follow even when they're well laid out.

Wow - and by the way SuzyQ I'm with you. Where is that elusive 120 moves version? My habit is to finish my first time through reasonably well. the 2nd time is faster with about the same moves. The 3rd time, I try to reduce moves and always end up slower and more moves. Then, after reading more clues, I try to them. It takes so much time to process the clues while playing that I'm even slower. ah well - at least I can play!

The nice thing about playing at this time is no one asks you to be quiet because they're at work. I can make as much noise as I want. (Well as long as I don't wake up my wife.)

btw SuzyQ this one's a no flipper.

Still evening here but late 11:00pm so Good Evening Judy. I play each puzzle probably more then others wish I did. But it varies with the game and how much time I have but I'd have to guess 10-50 times. Usually in a couple sittings.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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