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Yes, they spent what I heard was $150,000 on her and her family. I guess the Gov. in Alaska doesn't make a big salary and she land her family live very modestly. Did you know that all of the clothes that the Rep. Party bought her are being donated to the needy and battered women's shelters when the campaign was over? Most media agencies didn't report that one!

Well Tammie, The way we saw it over here, was that Sarah Palin, was used by the Republicans to give them a more humane homely outlook, it didn't work, especially when they forked over 500.000$ in revamping her!!! So much for helping the needy!!!

Jac - Sarah Palin was John McCain's running mate. She was the VP nominee for the Republican party.

Hi Lavendar and Mom. I am a registered Republican but have always tried to look at the overall person, not the party. I really like Sarah Palin and I never considered myself part of "the base" all though my liberal friends probably would. She wasn't treated fairly by the media. I never watch CNN or the other main stream media because they are very biased and journalism went out of existence during this campaign. Even democrats admitted that FOX news was the only media that reported fair and balanced. Obama got a free ride from the media. I just hope that he can deliver on his promise of improving the economy without bankrupting the rich to save the poor. I'm middle class if you're wondering!!
Time will tell and as I said earlier - prayer is the key. I got an email about facts in Iraq. If you are interested email me at and I will send you a copy.

My comments just show how confused outsiders can get. Thanks Mom, for trying to enlighten me - still, it's all very interesting to non-Americans as America is such a big player on the world stage.

Lavendar, I think MOM says it all!!! When I referred Obama to a star, I meant a star in the sky, not some crass movie star who mouths off regarding someones appearance, as if that's the way to achieve brownie points!!! The majority of Americans thankfully know better! Sarah Pailn, who's she?

Hi Lavendar. Ohio and Florida both went for Obama. And toward the end of the campaign, when pollsters asked if Saran Palin was qualified to be vice president over 60% said no. There was, however, a sizable group of conservative Republicans (the so-called "base"), who thought she was really great.

Thanks to you, Fizzbut, I've got a toehold on the leaderboard. No bling yet but the best score I've had in days.
The picture in the media here is of Obama sweeping the board across America but I think from what I saw on CNN, Ohio and Florida (among others) voted Republican. Again as an outsider, I was impressed by both Senators McCain and Obama, but not Sarah Palin. Do you think in the States, she was seen as an asset or not? Ignore the question if you think politics are too personal to be discussed on this site, but again as a curious outsider and well-wisher, it would be interesting to know what a real American thinks, rather than just read what some pundit thinks.

You're right Jac. I was really sorry when Hilary lost the nomination, because I wanted to live long enough to see a woman as president. But watching Obama over the last few months really convinced me he's the right choice. And to tell you the truth, I didn't think I'd see a black man in the White House in my lifetime either!! So I guess I'm not only proud, I'm pleased with the results!!!

Fizzbut, Being an outsider looking in, far be it for me to say who should win, and who should not. But the guy that won was shining like a star from the beginning, and like GOD has many advisers, so it would be naive to think that one man by himself could turn things around for America, but it's a start in the right direction. Unity for all creeds, that's what Christianity is about!! Amen (positivity begets positivity, negativity begets negativity!).

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