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Game #907, Generated on October 25, 2008

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Just an after thought, if Ohio State can't uphold the homor of the Big 10 (actually now the Enormous Eleven with the addition of Penn State), it's time for a real football state to do so!!!

What's with all you Buckeyes out there? My Dad went to Penn State. Graduated 1942 and was an ME and also with the first Aeronautical E degree ever given at Old Penn State. I admire The Ohio State Univ. But your football team has already had three shameful bites at the apple...BCS title game 2007 OSU 14-Florida 41 2008 BCS title game OSU 24-LSU 38. 2008 vs USC OSU 3-USC 35. Time for a new kid to try to take down the rest of the NCAA world. It's Penn State's time!! The team coached by the professorial looking guy in the coke-bottle-bottom glasses will take down the team coached by the other professorial looking guy. NITTANY LIONS ROAR!!!!

Goodnight fizzbut! And GO Bucks!

Have to say good night. I've a lot to do tomorrow before the game.

B U C K S ! ! !

That would be great. Maybe in the Rose Bowl because I don't think they have much of a chance at the the National. Beanie seems to be pulling the rest of the team up, our defense is looking a whole lot better too then we did against USC and Terrel is about to have a break out game I think.

If we get this one, I'd like to see us go up against USC again. With a healthy Beanie, we could do it!

HI Tammie, I was meaning to turn my rain/sun hat scarlet and gray but now it's turned cold enough to go winter now so already have a hat for that. Yeah let's hope the team that showed up last week is back this week.

Hey fizzbut! You must be gearing up for the big game tomorrow? I see you finally went ot a scarlet hat! smile

Missed some late nite chatter. sad Jacqueline you don't have to worry about spoiling my fun. smile 10 plays straight up. I add that because one might mistakenly infer that it doesn't from jacqueline's clue.
Hello, good nite, good morning, whatever if anyone's still up.

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