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Game #897, Generated on October 15, 2008

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looking up at the people talking about fastest times, I can only give advice by saying use a wired mouse. I'm using a lasor, wireless, and it isn't a smooth flowing as a wired one is. So it's hard to pick up a card, zip it to where it needs to go, and zip back to flip.

(haha although it doesn't show, I had a few #1 times about a year ago tongue I remember luigi for those reasons)

Yup, 139 is the quickest way.

Thanks jac but it was the K 2nd that I was missing. Too tired last night to conceive that would work. And now I know what Nano meant.

K first!!! This is for Fizzbut only!!!LOL

fizzbut, I knew that about the website - back in the days when that was the only way you could get on to play a game since the server was not working!

Sarah7612 - you are welcome! It's fun to be each other's fans and learn a little about each other too, for those of us who have posted our profile!

Fizzbut, yep you only get double-bling when you achieve lowest-moves and lowest-time simultaneously. And 47 seconds with lowest moves was quite easy since you barley have to move any cards at the end to get 139.

@Norm if you go to you can access the old games.

Nano when you get lowest moves and time you show a double star. When others do it it usually only shows a single star. The only thing I can think of that might make the difference is you do your lowest time with lowest moves at the same time. Is that the case? 47sec with 139 moves that's almost like showing off. But I understand you just want all the bling you can get.

Lots of talk today. smile Yes this game does have some familiarity to it, but from the games I've played not a complete match. smile

Hi all. Got started a little late tonight...I wouldn't remember if it was a repeat or not! Thanks to all my "fans!" It is appreciated. See you tomorrowsmile

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