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Game #790, Generated on July 8, 2008

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fizzbut, that is the dilemma I am trying to work out. I'm thinking the joker could only be used on the stacked cards (not the top 4). Once it is placed at the top it disappears (making way for the real card). But adding an extra card to the game isn't an easy process. So it will take some time to get right.

Well that's it!!!!! I know I am not that good at solitaire but this game has really driven me crazy!!! Instead of enjoying the beautiful "Fall" day (it's Winter in Argentina but today is a beautiful sunny day) I have been glued to the seat trying to see a move that just isn't there. Adam please give us a hand, a good one that is!?!?!?!?! ....... Well not all is lost, I have updated my profile hope you enjoy.

I like impossible games, none is generated impossible, so finding out why it is impossible is fun (I enjoy it).

One hour is definitely to few Adam. Either you have a software that recognize impossible games or you forget it. I still hope some of the impossible games are possible smile

I have a ponit too, but its on the top of my head, so it adds nothing to the discussion.. ;-)

Ohh excellent idea to create a new one Adam!!!! The wildcard joker sounded great to me too, but fizzbut has a point!

Sounds intriguing Adam. But if we use the Joker as the A in this game what would happen to the A when it shows up.

Adam - Go for it!
I would much rather have a game with opportunities if there was a Wild Card rather than retreat further into my bottle of gin/vodka/whiskey/ as IMPOSSIBLE games make me sooooooooooooo sad!

Linda, I don't purposely create impossible games wink Each day the cards are randomly generated. However, with that said, I've looked into the possibility of regenerating an impossible game after an hour if noone has finished it. Or, alternatively (and possibly much more fun), I have thought of placing a Joker in the deck of impossible games. The joker can be used as any card and could quite possibly turn an impossible game into a very fun little challenge.

Linda, I think that is Adams way of letting us go back to work on other games that we could better. To be honest that is about the only time I go back and try to better my score.

fizzbut, see i'm so addicted that I will even try the impossible, again. That's bad, in a good way smile

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