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Game #784, Generated on July 2, 2008

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Donna, when I logged on this morning I found a firefox update ready to download. I didn't want to restart so I said "later". But now I'm afraid to download it. Let me know what you find out.

I haven't had any problems with firefox sure it just wasn't slow loading. Cards always come up last for me.

Ok I checked IE7.. so it must have something to do with the firefox update I did yesterday. Though nothing looked wrong yesterday. So I guess it would be nothing to do with Solitaire Craving at all. Half the avatars are missing again and no cards still..but all is well on IE7. Very strange indeed.. I will have a very slow game today lol tongue

Adam.. I didn't say anything earlier, cause I thought maybe it was my computer. I have restarted it and restarted it..and other webpages are ok, so maybe it isn' t me. I have no cards. The whole page is here.. though I had no avatars showing before. Now I have the avatars but still no cards to play with. Is there anyone else with the same problem..and is it possible to check this out? Thanks in advance Adam. Otherwise there will be no daily fix lol I will check it on IE7..maybe I have cards there.. how odd.

Yes I have..and I think its greatsmile We all missed not having you on site all the time! smile silence

Donnamusica, if you have noticed I'm also keeping up with games again! smile

Thanks for explaining Adam!!! I don't mind losing that info as long as the servers keep up and running smile I just thought I couldn't find it. Its nice to see you on the messageboard regularly again! smile!!! silence

We are all sad like that Carol lol but in a good way smile It is our pleasure to be your fans silence Thank you for the compliment..but I am 55 years young lol! smilesilence

Donnamusica: That functionality used to be available, but is not anymore. I wanted to simplify the rankings screen while keeping the amount of information to a minimum (that way the server won't crash every time someone views the page).


I am most honoured smile

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