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Game #742, Generated on May 30, 2008

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donna, on the 2nd time around, you have to do a little bit of moving around. Play up the Q as fizzbut said so you can move the Q over. Don't bring down the 4, 5 & 6 they will play straight up, as well as 3. Hope it helps smile

Louby Lou, Read her last book too, also Eskimo Kisses, and I would agree this book is equally as good. Another good book to read is A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS BY R J ELLORY if you like thriller/mystery, subject matter a bit gory, but extremely atmospheric and unputdownable. jacxxx

Jac, i am also reading kate mosse's book sepulcher. i love it, her last one was brilliant and this one is not letting her down.
the sun has finally come out a little bit today, hope it stays for tomorrow as a friend of mine is getting married, would be miserable in the rain.

Well you're right about the Q it's the bugger. All I could do is play up to the Q as soon as the 9 comes up the 2nd time through by moving a couple cards around. I found playing 6 first helped. I agree with the K, 7 first clue.

I can't get anywhere with this puzzle when it comes to getting fewer moves.. everyone's clues seem to contradict the others..and that stupid queen of hearts makes nothing move smoothly or in sweet runs like when you usually find the sweet spot in a puzzle.. sighhhh ... one of those days again lol tongue @ me

They don't seem to have it for sale in Canada..and yet I remember reading about it in the newspaper book reviews or a magazine.. and it was reviewed very well!! I had not noticed the name of the author though.. you ARE observant! I am sure it would be fun to read.. and I am sure he would get a chuckle from our critiques lol!! Yep, we are all a mad lot and are proud of it. LOL! If I can get a hold of a copy, I definitely will read it! smile Yes we can all let down our hair here, can't we Mike.. and just play or join in the chat smile which is also playing lol Its a sandbox for adults here! Though possibly a 7 year old could play as well but we won't admit it lol! I know one could beat my scores..though possibly not dilip, fizzbut, emm, D etc.. lol

Donna, Would you agree that Mike is a real CHARMER and very witty? Perhaps we should all read his book, and then give a review?

No matter what I do today I don't get any cards dealt out!!

Donna, it is my 10 minutes of personal space with a bunch of people who are clearly as mad as I am.

Thanks Ber, moving K first got me down 4 moves. smile

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