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Game #726, Generated on May 18, 2008

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Ohhh boy would I love that one lol!!! Tastyyyyyyyy !! Funny, I was just talking to my dad.. and he said ours are self seeding but he dead heads them or our garden would get too thick.. which seems a shame lol That's why ours don't get a chance to selfseed..but apparently he discovered a few who managed it anyway lol

Donna, are both annuals and perennials, the ones I have come up every year they are tubers, annual cosmos do self seed, a particular cosmo I have is called Chocolate and smells of vanilla and you guessed CHOCOLATE!!!

Finally got it. To those of you who can't quite make it, I have no idea of the moves I made (or didn't make) to get me from 145 to 143, so I'm sorry that I can't help you.

Brilliant Jacqueline.. finally got it..and that was the ticket smilesmilesmile!!!

There must be something I am doing wrong.. I found it easier to keep down the 3s..than to put the 3 up then bring it back..what am I missing??

It says they are annuals..but one article says they ARE self seeding. Dad says his don't perhaps there is more than one variety. That would be a lot easier, having the self seeding kind lol

I think cosmos are annuals not perennials, TKO..but not certain.. We have them too ..they are so pretty smile I will google it and see!

jacqueline - I love Cosmos - I had some last year...the seeds were in a wildflower packet I had and I used the whole packet in the garden. Do they self-seed?

Much bigger than violas more like buttercup, but nicer mainly yellow, orange and red, my red peonies have opened up in the past few days, just hope we don't get heavy rain - soggy peonies do not look nice! anyway time for bed 1.20 am sweet dreams all.

Ok looked it up..they look very much like what we call violas.. but not exactly. Very pretty!

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