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Game #710, Generated on May 5, 2008

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Dilip I just did some checking and the denial you received on Sudoku Craving must have been a mistake. I just registered a different name. I didn't think there was a limit for registries with Adam's sites. Not very many people are playing it anymore. Today had 33. I think it's because the games are too easy.

I came back to see how everyone did. The chatter is good, the scores are lower (argh)... now I have to keep playing to get at least a little closer to the bottom. I'm trying to be mature and not play so much. They say you have an addiction if you can't admit it. I admit I'm addicted so does that mean I'm not addicted? Dilip, I can get into Sudoku but I don't play at all. Maybe Adam would let you take my place?

Yes, guys I do play Mahjong but not Sudoku, it seems that Sudoku is a really challenging and interesting game which makes our mind to think a lot but I was denied to be a member in the website of Adam as the site was already filled.

I use to keep up with Sudoku and Mahjong but when I started playing Solitaire in earnest I soon had to let the other two go. If nothing else my mouse hand couldn't take it. Maybe I'll pick them up again after I get through the archives here. I do play sudoku on another site.

How do you guys have time to put so much into two games!!! smile

@Dillip presents quiet a challenge alright. I play the Mahjong also and so does he. I use my full name which is Ber @kindregan on that game.

Dilip you're quietly presenting quite a challenge.

I wrote her a quick e mail.. maybe they went off to visit her kids. I hope she is ok too!!! She usually mentions if she is going away...but she has been very busy lately..

It looks like she hasn't played since the 1st. Hope everything is alright.

I haven't seen Tammie for a while.. on the message board here..has anyone heard from her??

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The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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