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Game #707, Generated on May 3, 2008

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No Donna, I am not Redru. But I love little things like this. I had been playing for some time and had only just posted an avitar. Then I noticed Redru and thought who! I did better than I thought. Eventually, I saw that the avitars are both tabby cats, names similar and both Ozzie! Figure that.

Glad you came back to tell them yourself Christina smile
Red Ruby.. (are you redru??) that was very funny lol!!!!

I am having a boy!! i tried to post a picture from the ultrasound but it is to big! i will have pictures of him when he's born. Might even come before 5 weeks.. he is a big boy!

Hi Davidi, I have to agree with Dianne - when it comes to scary things that bite and kill you - Australia has a very large selection. However my husband suggest that for a hiker there is always a way of telling if there is a black bear or a grizzly in the area. Hikers are advised to wear little bells to keep the black bears away. So you can tell by the droppings if it is grizzly or black is around... The grizzly droppings have little bells in them!

I should say 2 more cards. I sure those you have 132 are not moving the 10.

All the clues were great today. The last couple of moves are there are 2 cards that don't need to be moved the 2nd time through.

Davidimom a wrong clue is telling you you should have poured honey all over you to scare the bear away. I don't think saying "boo" would have been a good one either. I can't think of any wrong clues given here. It's just sometimes there are better ones.

Hey are on today!! Yessssssss Wow I didn't realize it was so soon that you were due. How exciting!! If she doesn't come back on tonight..I will tell you what she is having, later on, D.. lol

Thanks Davidi.. your clues got me down two moves cheerful) I appreciate it!!! Off to try your clues now too D!! smile

I'm fine D.Sometimes i do not finish my work till late on.Thank you for asking.

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I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

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