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Game #69, Generated on August 19, 2006

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nice game

Emm, I bet you could now recite all the moves by memory! But I'm sure it was worth it for the 137! moves

I played again tonight to try to lower my number of moves (which I did, but still not as low as emm, darn!) and had the "time change" problem people reported another day. When I was done, my playing screen said 3:55, but when it was recorded, it came up 4:07, indicating that it is still 12 seconds off at times, but not always.

that is, if you want to find out how many least moves you can do it in

since I think I probably played this one game today, more than anybody, any game ever, I declare myself an expert... and you can finish this game any way you want but you can't finish it without almost clicking yourself to death

Adam Lyttle : Interesting, the way I went about it involved almost no clicks at the end .. You just had to cycle the deck a few times and it makes no difference as to which red jack you used first.

I think I've figured out the glitch with the timer. The timer acts normally on the first game you play each time the page is loaded, but if the restart button is pressed, the timer doesn't stop when the auto-finisher kicks in (even though the timer appears to stop). I hope that makes sense?

today I did 145 in least moves but I was talking to somebody and I rung up the timer, and now I can't remember how to get back there. I've played a bizillion times, I've almost hurt myself and I'm getting nerdier by the minute! help!

SuzyQ, click My Profile at the top right under your faceless avatar. Then click Change my Details. You can select from a premade avatar or you can upload your own. You can take screenshots by clicking "Print Screen" on your computer, somtimes labelled as "PrtScn", then you open a drawing program (Paint, for example) and press Ctrl+V or Paste.

New Servers (2023)

We have migrated website components to a new framework and server. The core game components remain the same as in the previous version (be...

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Invalid links

I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

2016-05-10 17:27:24

New Servers

The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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[quote]Happy Christmas, we updated game script for using on mobile devices, and also we have updating card cover! [/quote] ...

2015-12-24 21:24:18

Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

2015-12-03 20:34:00

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