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Game #680, Generated on April 9, 2008

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thanks again fizzbut smile

The proof is always in the pudding. I always like to prove for myself whether a clue is good or not.

good job fizzbut. I'm glad you used K first as well. I feel bad that someone thought it was a misleading clue.

Very, very easy. Smooth, as buttah ...

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. That is sort of discouraging cause I thought maybe it was supposed to be worse before it was better.. I see her again thursday, so I will try to hang in for a bit and see if it is just slow to take for me. Here they can't prescribe drugs maybe it differs country to country. I am glad they have helped you..I have heard from other people that they were good too. I have never tried a chiropractor, but I am glad one helped you SuzyQ. smile Got me down two moves fizzbut...but I am still way behind the pack today lol

I'm not having any better luck hitting lowest moves today than I did yesterday. Thanks for the clues, fizzbut, but I still can't get them to work for me!

Oh, Donna, what happened to you to make you feel SO badly? I know you've had your share of health problems, but what just NOW? I've never been to an osteopath, but my chiropractic adjustments are the only thing that has kept me from being housebound and possibly bedridden, I'm sure. My spine was SO locked up and my sacroiliac so twisted, along with my other back problems, when I went to my first chiropractor more than 15 years ago. I was desperate. It's amazing what simple, gentle activator adjustments do, without all of the body crunching techniques many chiropractors used and still use. I only need those types of adjustments rarely.

Sorry for the late clues but it was a busy one today. Keys for lower moves were 9, 4, 7, & K first. K 2nd K 3rd.

Donna, I think it really depends on the osteopath. I use to go to one who I loved, I knew another one in Indiana who was good too. They were the only ones I've seen that could give me almost immediate relief from pain. But then of all things the one here got hooked on prescription pain medicine and lost his license. My wife goes to one but I can't tell the difference between her and a regular MD. All she does is prescribe drugs. I found a good Chiropractor that I like now. He's not as good as the Osteopath but a lot cheaper.

Donna, I'm so sorry to hear about your health. I don't go to an osteopath but have a very good friend who swears by hers. She has back problems, mobility issues and had double vision for a time. I do hope you can find help.

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