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Game #673, Generated on April 4, 2008

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Is it a fuschia? I had some in my garden in Oz and I think that's what they're called, if it's the same flower.

What's your flower called, donnamusica? It's on the tip of my tongue and that's where it's stayin! smile

I bet they will be nice blooms though Tammie smile And so many bushes!!
Ohh I have heard of lorakeets, Dianne..never saw one though..they are so pretty!!!
You are welcome Davidimom! It plays so much faster with firefox too.. with IE7 it felt like I was dragging the cards through cement. lol

I forgot the 6 first as well, but that's inferred.

K K 6 8 9. Play up through the 7 before bringing down the 7 to move the 6.

donna, my picture is a brush box gum with a lorakeet sitting in it.
Davidi, you have to highlight the word first, then right click. About the time difference, I know Florida, USA is 8 hours behind Abu Dhabi and England is 4 hours behind. Sydney is 7 hour ahead. So I really am in the MIDDLE East!! lol smile

Hey donna - just planted the rose bushes this week. They were shipped bare root so it will be awhile before they get leaves and blooms. Since \this is their first year, they will only get a couple of blooms at a time. Each year they grow taller (even if you cut them back in the winter) and they bloom more. And yes, it is chilly here too!

Donna, I'm using IE7, I must try Firefox. Thank you!

hahaha I had entered the first.. had to close the browser as I froze up. When I came back it had not gone in, so I wrote it again.. lol That's why its there twice in different words. lol

Fizzbut said firefox worked better with I use it now and its so much better. I never tried the spell check option with IE7 so maybe that is the problem? What is your browser davidimom?

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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