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Game #663, Generated on March 25, 2008

Played a total of 1832 times by 199 registered members. Finished by 94 users who rated the difficulty as easy.

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Great clues below, thanks everyone. 10 Clubs first then be wary to keep your options open (don't bring things down unless they open up something else for you).

I could not finish, not one black nine ever showed to move the 8.

I agree about helpful people having stars but I was trying to get at the idea of those who work out the hard puzzles first and share ways of getting low moves getting credit for their skill (stars as in great at the game). I'm not sure how the rankings work but Fizzbut said something about number of games played being the most important thing in ranking.

I agree lavendar, fizzbut should have alot of stars as much as he has helped me, and like you I enjoy all the people and the site smile

I think the 'game details' info supports fizzbut. I'm a relative newcomer. I rate a puzzle easy if I can finish without clues (I always start this way) no matter how many moves; medium if I can finish easily once I've read the clues and hard if I have trouble even with the clues. I love the site, the help people give to those of us who are learning and I hope the system credits the 'stars' sufficiently.

finally got it after playing more than 10 times....first use 10clubs then 8 clubs and 8diamonds

fizzbut, well since i finished it in 3 times i rated it medium because like you said there were tricky moves. Usually if it takes me like 20 times to finish I will rate it hard. LOL.. I guess yesterday my head was in it. Sometimes it can be the easiest one and I still can't get it because my head isn't in it. I see you logic to it. Just bare with me i'm still learing. Maybe one day i will catch on to all of it. smile thanks for all of you help and advice you have given me in the past smile

D, more of an observation. It seems that most people are finding it hard. I've wondered how the first to finish a game effect the ratings of those that follow. Meaning if the first rate it medium those that follow though they had a hard time finishing follow suit and rate it medium as well. I rated it hard because I thought it had some not so obvious options necessary to finish and I guess I saw how few had finished. So maybe I was effected by the ratings.

Its pretty isn't it Lavendar? I can't figure it out either..but its nice and sunny smile

fizzbut, with all due respect, I finished mine earlier yesterday morning, without clues.My third time is when i got to 133. Thats why I rated it medium.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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