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Game #656, Generated on March 19, 2008

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Tammie, how did the landscape shopping go?
Soooo green with envy, it will be at least 8 weeks before I can think about planting!!!!

Thanks Davidimom!

Tammie, I think that qualifes you as a heroine!

I'm just getting on (now the 20th) and seeing all of your posts after mine! Yes, Dianne, it was difficult w/ 2 toddlers to be a totally single mom @ age 30. But God helps us and we grow and learn from our trials and tribulations.
I raised 5 children - does that qualify me as a teacher?? !!

Louby lou - You bet we need architects. My husband signed up for an IT course recently and stopped going after a few weeks. Reason? Too many teachers and talk of teaching. He said he got more than enough of that at home.

looking back at other peoples comments, i feel slightly out numbered by teachers, are architects allowed?

donna, i am loving the dancing baby! brilliant! congrats to your friend having a great granddaughter, very exciting. i am hoping to give my grandparents one, they keep asking when!
enjoying this puzzle, i seem to do it by bringing lots of cards down, works for me, but will check how it works for moves.
hope everyone is looking forward to easter, i am and the long weekend that goes with it! a break from work! xxx smile

I first saw that dancing baby on Ally McBeal in the 90s..that was the beginning of electronic animations. So it was one of the first I downloaded online smile when I got an internet compatible computer! Now, to me, she is our Waltzing Matilda.. smile Glad she makes you smile oceanstar2.
I had forgotten this game was called Patience before.. yep good name for it lol It isn't too soliaire-y any more for sure lol smile

Thanks for the hints everyone! I really enjoy your dancing baby, donnamusica! I crack up everytime I look at itsmile

Impossible to mess up

New Servers (2023)

We have migrated website components to a new framework and server. The core game components remain the same as in the previous version (be...

2023-02-13 10:19:09

Invalid links

I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

2016-05-10 17:27:24

New Servers

The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

2016-03-04 22:18:13


[quote]Happy Christmas, we updated game script for using on mobile devices, and also we have updating card cover! [/quote] ...

2015-12-24 21:24:18

Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

2015-12-03 20:34:00

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