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Thank you Adam smile I hope married life is going well, and I hope you and Annie have a great time on your honeymoon in April smile

Or Maybe, a Fedora, a bit more mysterious!

Fizzbut, I know what you mean, when I have gone back to my Stats I can no longer access some of the games I have previously done, only way round it is to hit easy,medium and hard and hope to get them again. Oh, and I know you where having some fun with me thats why I rated you funny!!! - goes with the hat. Why don,t you try on a Top Hat just for a change!

Louby Lou, You have whetted my appetite, as has Lavendar, only 3 weeks to go. Although I will miss my Solitaire, then again, maybe not!!!

jacqueline, no offense taken, i was just having fun with you. As for the rankings, time and moves do count but there are so many games and relatively few who have played most of them that the # of games outweighs the rankings for those few. The other problem now, and Adam knows about it, is there are a whole bunch of games in the archive that are very hard to reaccess inorder to improve your times and moves.

Jac - have been to Barcelona and loved it. Lou, I would love to go to Seville. Your description makes it sound really attractive.

Jac, seville is amazing, the smell in the streets is lovely, just a faint aroma of oranges everywhere. and it is so beautiful. the calatrava bridges are brilliant, you have to look down the river at the two together and they take the form of a swan, beautiful! alhambra is a must, the detail in the architecture and the gardens and views, phenomenal. loads of lovely tapas places and odd little restaurants tucked away! just explore. enjoy it, its amazing.

Lavendar, Thanks for the tip re- Alhambra, looking forward to going there, will let you know how we get on in Seville. Have you been to Barcelona? we spent a week there 2 years ago, a truly impressive city, lovely wide avenues, new and old architecture happily sitting together, and very cheap to get about and good food bars. Jacx

Jacqueline, totally agree - those trailblazers with the low moves and low times should get due credit in the rankings. Maybe too complicated to do? Don't know enough to know if feasible for Adam to do this.

Dear Fizzbut, Did'nt mean to offend you,"It takes a GREAT MAN to ask, and GREAT WOMEN to do" I also think that the ranking system is a bit unfair, as you are by far a real GENIUS, when it comes to low moves, as are a few others Dilip, Emm, Strawb , D etc., and perhaps Adam should use
this as a marker rather than the amount of games we play!!! Jac xxx and an extra x just for you Fizzbut.

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The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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