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Game #616, Generated on February 9, 2008

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I thought so!

Yeah that's my problem. I think too much that's why I don't organize closets. I knew there was a good reason.
And emm, I'm not stuck I'm just "letting" you have the imaginary star for first one to the lowest moves.

fizzbut are you stuck at 130? Sometimes I do know what I'm doing but so much more fun not to think about it.

Very well organized today, emm. I'm glad you remembered where everything goes. smile I'm tired tonite so I was glad for the help. For those wondering, I think there are at least 5 cards you don't move or bring down to get to the lowest moves.

Hey emm! I just got back on tonight (7:43PM) and I read your hints post. Just fyi, I don't have very organized closets - even though I try - so that is probably why I can't keep up with you!!! LOL

I left another message today, but it doesn't seem to have entered. My dad is getting his final surgery next tuesday. It had been postponed, but that got overlooked so he is still on the roster. They realized their mistake later today, and are doing his surgery on my say so that he is strong enough, so crossing fingers and saying prayers that I am right!!! He would have murdered me if I had said otherwise lol!! It will be good if he can finally get on the road to recovery and be up and in his garden this spring and summer! smilesmile

Emm thanks for all the clues..but it was stuff I was doing already..its the moves at the ending that are getting me.. its messy and that's what is making more moves for me. Oh well lol one of those days. And yep you have a huge fan base..and I STILL think you are right up there with Harry Potter lol wink !!

Emm, I fully agree with Tammie. You, fizzbut are totally awesome at getting lower and lower moves.

On your first run through the deck, Put J on Q, K into first empty space, 10 has to go on the J, leave the 6 where it is for 5 and 4. The 9 has to come over to 10 and the cards should neatly fall into place on your second time through the deck. Just like organizing a closet!

Hi Leelamaria!! Giggy is doing pretty well, but they can't get his proper insulin dose sorted out. He will stay another day in the hospital and hope they can figure something out. They say he is alert and full of energy and eating well though smile That's my boy!! Thank you so much for asking.
Another bit of good news.. my dad finally got called in for his surgery. It will be this Tuesday coming, feb 12th as originally that is a bit of luck!!!f Hopefully all will go well and he can start healing properly!!! smile smile !!!!! It was a very good day in our household!!!!

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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