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Game #609, Generated on February 2, 2008

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IWell, Tammie, tell her "Good for her" - and Happy Birthday. I can't wait to get my new keyboard...I am tired of having so many spelling mistakes that I don't catch until after I hit Post <gr>. I have keys that stick a bit and it makes it hard. Plus I type fast and the keyboard can't keep up with me.

Hey TKO - my daughter is already a certified cosmetologist in Ohio. She is on her last quarter at a community college for an assoc. in business and will transfer that and I believe she said she is going to go for a human resources degree. She also works part time for a Coach store at an Ohio mall. She's a very busy young lady. She turns 22 on 2/3 tomorrow in the USA!!

Actually, I am a librarian at an all-boys colege prep school. I can't really play during the day when students are around. But, on my lunch time - or if I have an extended prep time due to meetings, etc. I will take a 10 minute break and do somethng fun for my mental and physical health. Then it is back to work. I am going through a lot of the cataloging records and cleaning up all the little inconsistencies that have developed over the years due to there being so many different llibrarians. Yesterday we had a Weather Day. I mostly play inthe evenings and on the weekends.

hmmmm.... im getting the feeling i should go to bed

Chilliemander - I can't play at work either. So I have to wait until the evening. I also think that this was slightly more difficult than easy. Took me forever but then I didn't look at the clues. I tried to figure it out on my own. The Q is buried and I think that's where I keep getting stuck.

pen, those clues I agree don't really make it easier but are for fewer moves. I think the J first might be easier.

Leelamaria - great idea. You forgot the great Dilip, I miss him a lot......

Dilip come back!!

(we have same flag Leelamaria wink )

TKO----you play this at school? Are you a teacher or student? I am a teacher and would get in so much trouble if I played on the computers at school. I envy you if you're a teacher. There have been days when I was tempted to play at work, but knew I shouldn't so I made it the first thing I did when I got home. Anyone else allowed/not allowed to play our beloved site at work?

I think my brain must be having a snow day - I didn't find that easy at all and couldn't have completed without the hints.

If you have your pencils ready class here's some clues that might appear on the test. K, 10 first. And J first also which then requires playing up through it to move the J. Need to play up through the Q also inorder to move it.

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