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Game #594, Generated on January 18, 2008

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I am glad it was such a good time for you. I feel the same way...even though we have both been so sick and had a rough time, we have been together and gotten to know each other so much more than we already did and appreciate each other!! smile It is nice your kids benefited too!! I just packed a bag for him..he had a nurse call and ask me for some a neighbour is going to take them in. My aunt isn't able to come today after all.. So maybe I will get there tomorrow. His temp is down..which is was so high it could have been fatal..but today the tests begin and a lineup of specialists. I hope they do it right this time!!

No different than you donna. We do what we have to because that is who we are. Those years with my grandfather were the best I had ever had with him. He was always much closer to my older brothers and the time I had with him let me get to know the man and he got to know me. It was really an eye opener for the both of us. My children were not in kindergarten yet so they added joy to his life and got to know him as well.

You are right.. I think that is a great fear for them. Especially, as I am pretty much an invalid and it was my dad who was taking care of ME til November..poor man!!! But its an honour to try my best at it..he really is a wonderful man, and no one could have a better dad!! You were wonderful to take such good care of your grandfather!!! smile
Thank God Dad responds so well to medication...but his condition seems to change drastically, and so suddenly, its really been a roller coaster. Unfortunately a snowstorm today, so that is complicating things too! I hope it lets up soon..

smile Glad to hear your father is improving donna! Keep us posted! I am glad you were able to get him back to the hospital. I took care of my grandfather for 2 1/2 years and he was very stubborn about the hospital as well. He didn't want to burden me so he wouldn't go until he was in crisis and had no choice. I think he also was afraid if he went to the hospital I would think he was to much for me to handle.

And thank you to Rapa for being so thoughtful and sending me a new Mona smile!!!

Thanks so much everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers for my Dad!! He went back in hospital at supper time yesterday with a high fever and heavy internal bleeding. He is stable this morning though..I just spoke with the hospital..and a gastroenterologist will be seeing him. Also they feel he contracted a bad infection during surgery two days before. Things are looking much more hopeful today though.. Thanks again for being here!!!! smile silencesilencesilence

still not the best with that 30 up though :-(

YES! 42 seconds

While talking to my gf (samam)

Ok strawb smile try this- by move 38 you should have first row-K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, second row-3, 2, third row- 3, fourth row- 4, fifth row A, sixth row- 5, which you will have to keep there for the 4, seventh row- 7, 6, 5.

wow I hope 30 seconds wasn't it

good job on the 52, I'm not trying to get lower than 55, so congrats!

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